New Masterclass Series Coming Soon!

Dear Parents and Students of Tavan Music Academy…

I am so happy to introduce a new FREE Masterclass series to you. For the past year, I have been thinking about what I can provide to you, the amazing students of Tavan Music Academy, that could not only add to the existing lessons we already have, but could also act  independently in and of itself.

​I realized quickly that there is just SO MUCH information out there about music and the music industry that sometimes it can be a little daunting for someone to navigate through it all. I saw a need to educate the local community on all things music, for all skill levels, even for those who have never played a single note in their lives!

And so I created this Masterclass series, which I am calling Allegro Lane.

See, I feel that the information my fellow instructors and I will be going through in these workshops is so important, that I decided to offer them for FREE, with no catch whatsoever.  We’ll be covering everything from music theory (more information below), home recording tips, songwriting sessions, how to get your music published on iTunes and Spotify, and much much more.

I would LOVE to see you at these Workshops. They will usually take place on a Thursday evening, and again, there is NO commitment at all for you to enjoy the experience!

NEXT Workshop
Description: Have you ever wanted to read music? Or have a student who is currently taking lessons but have no idea how to help them when they’re doing their homework or practicing at home? A CRASH COURSE IN MUSIC THEORY will cover a variety of tips and tricks to help you read music! We’ll go through the basics that are taught to every student and even introduce some short cuts that will make the process of reading faster and easier! Recommended for all age levels and is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for parents of students currently taking lessons AND students who may need a refresher on how to read music quickly and efficiently.

Date: TBA
Location: Tavan Music Academy (1454 Pollard Road, Los Gatos, CA 95030)
Time: TBA

I truly hope to see all of you there for the beginning of an exciting new venture for Tavan Music Academy. Thank you, as always, for being a parent and/or someone who supports the education of music and the arts.

Amir Khostavan

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