Guitar & Bass

Tim Burke:B (69)
Drum & Guitar Instructor

Tim Burke is a professional drummer and instructor, having received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from San Jose State University in 2014. He has 15 years of performance experience and a large repertoire in Rock, Blues, and Jazz with shows varying from restaurants corners to weddings to the main stage. In addition to performing, Tim teaches drumming and music to students of all levels. Lessons include chart reading, technique, independence, and playing with recorded music. Tim takes great pride in professionalism and dependability.

Daniel Yarritu
Guitar Instructor


Guitarist and music teacher Daniel Yarritu has been teaching and performing throughout the Bay Area and abroad since 1995. Trained in classical guitar and equally proficient in jazz, rock and popular styles, he’s been in demand as a teacher for both beginning and advanced musicians and as a performer. He has held a regular gig with Favored Nations recording artist and guitar virtuoso James Robinson at Cascal in Mountain View, CA since 2004 and has appeared solo and with various ensembles in San Jose at the City Hall opening gala, the Center for the Performing Arts (with Kathleen Battle and the SJSU Choraliers, the Civic Center (with pop/opera group Il Divo and Orchestra) and Le Petit Trianon and headlined the 2004 Monterey First Night Festival with the Unknown Jeromes.  As a member of the James Robinson group he has also opened for Lee Ritenour in Livermore, CA for Guitar Player Live and for Keiko Matsui in Los Banos, CA. He recently was filmed playing guitar for an episode of “Total Divas” for television in  Big Sur Park in CA in 2013.
Daniel received his early lessons in piano from the South Bay School of Music. His early lessons in guitar came from his sister Linda and he then moved to studying with James Robinson, Bahraam Behroozi (SJSU), Ken Schoeder, Pepe Haro (Spain), Antonio Calogero (Italy) and Peppino D’Agostino (Italy). He studied briefly in France with Belgian guitarist Johan Fostier and Argentinean guitarist Silvina Lopez. He has also performed in master classes with Lily Afshar, Denis Azabagic, Martha Masters and flutist Jill Felber and has participated in numerous classes with other instrumentalists at SJSU. Daniel graduated from Independence High School in San Jose and received his degree in English Literature with Honors at San Jose State University in 2004.
Daniel has taught for the South Bay School of Music and Independence High School and currently continues to teach guitar privately, for the San Jose Youth Symphony’s Music Matters program, at the Leffler academy, and we are now excited to welcome Daniel to the Tavan Music Academy family!

Lindy Day

After years of training with classical guitarist Julio Reyes and being tutored by many classic rock gurus Lindy has made the list of “2016 Top 5 Female Guitarists to Follow” on Instagram, as well as the Riffwars 2016 Female Guitarist Hall of Fame nominee.  Lindy has toured from CA to NYC in a variety of bands ranging from world music to classic rock.

Lindy’s specialty is classic rock, but she is well versed in acoustic styles as well as classical guitar.  Learning guitar is a very personal thing, and she treats each student as an individual.  Her teaching style is very encouraging, engaging, and individualized.  Each student gets their own curriculum depending on where their interests lie.

Some of the most popular lessons Lindy offers are modern acoustic guitar (ie: Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran), reading notation/tabs, repertoire, and tips/tricks for stage performing.  She also offers specialty techniques, like advanced soloing (tapping, bends, speed licks) ear training, pedals/gear, and teaching note-for-note famous solos, such as Santana’s Black Magic Woman or Brian May’s solo from Queen’s, Killer Queen, or any other classic rock song you might want to learn.

Felix Amirian
Guitar/Piano Instructor



Felix Amirian is an experienced world-smooth jazz guitarist and pianist located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He was born to an Armenian father and an Assyrian mother in a town along the coast of the Caspian Sea. When Felix was 14, a friend handed him a guitar .  He had never held one before,  but took to it immediately. The instrument was quite weathered and had only two strings. .  It was with those two strings that he played an old Armenian melody.

Soon word got back to his parents that Felix had a special affinity for the instrument.Shortly thereafter, at his mother’s insistence, his father bought him his first guitar. This was the turning point that would carve the path to his career as a professional musician.


One and a half years later, his parents sent him to College in Cambridge, England, to further his studies in music,  where he refined his skills with a foundation in classical guitar .  In 1984,   Felix was given the opportunity to go to Germany, where he delved into piano and guitar, learned music theory, and took on studies in jazz. He played in various bands in the Black Forest towns of Calw and Nagold in black forest, Germany, where he was able to freely develop his playing style. In 1988, he moved to Nashville, TN,  to widen his opportunities in music.. There he played with local musicians further refining his style and developed a deep love for jazz . The year 1992 took him to the San Francisco,  Bay Area, a place known for its cultural diversity and its rich musical heritage.

Felix continues to woo Bay Area audiences with Brazilian-Bossa Nova  –  Smooth Jazz pieces, contemporary covers, Spanish, and jazz standards at clubs,  restaurants, and special events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area .



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