Nichole Boaz
Piano Instructor


Nichole Boaz is a jazz pianist, composer, and teacher residing in the South Bay Area. She received both her B.M. and M.A. in Jazz Studies from San José State University, where she studied piano with Frank Sumares and Dahveed Behroozi. In the past, Nichole has taught at San Jose Jazz Summer Camp and Harker Lower School, and she currently teaches at San José State University. She performs regularly throughout the Bay Area with a variety of different musical ensembles, including 7th Street Big Band and The Killer Queens.


Jennifer Ridout
Flute/Piano Instructor

Jennifer Ridout is a professional flutist and teacher, having received a B.M. in flute performance from San Jose State University with honors. While at San Jose State she was principal chair flute in the school’s top Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Ridout’s senior recital was acclaimed by SJSU faculty as having been one of the best student recitals ever held at the school. She has received instruction from and performed in master classes with a number of today’s top flutists, including Catherine Payne, Keith Underwood, Jim Walker, Christina Jennings, Leone Buyse, Isabelle Chapuis and Robert Stallman.

Distinguished as a “natural performer,” Ms. Ridout has a great passion for music and performance and enjoys passing along the art of performance and a thorough understanding of music to her students. Her students show improvement very quickly, noted in their success in band and orchestra programs. Ms. Ridout teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.

Amir Khostavan
Founder/Piano/Composition Instructor

Amir has been playing Piano since he was just two-years-old. Before his Piano lesson, he was able to play full pop songs on his father’s Yamaha PSR70 keyboard. He began lessons at age 6 with Jane Sherman, learning basic notation, fingering and different playing styles. After just 2 years, Ms. Sherman determined that she had taught Amir all she could, and recommended him to Ray McIntyre, a classically-trained Pianist who taught private lessons out of his home. Amir mastered the works of Beethoven and Bach while with McIntyre and slowly made the transition to Jazz Music under Martan Mann. During his instruction with Mann, Amir also became the lead Pianist in Monta Vista High School’s main Jazz quartet. During his Senior year, Amir won 1st place in both the Monta Vista school talent show as well as a district-wide award, performing instrumental Piano pieces.

After graduating High School, Amir began composing music for many artists around the Bay Area and released several instrumental songs of his work, some of which are available on iTunes. He’s also been recognized for his contribution to Silicon Valley based company, NEC Electronics, of which he provided original music for many of their company wide events and presentations.

He recently released a piano instrumental of the Iranian classic, “Golden Dreams (Khabayi Talahi)”. You can listen to that track and download it here!

Diana Rey
Piano Instructor

Diana Rey has played piano since she was four, and her love of music has since expanded into bass guitar and vocals.  She’s been featured on keyboards/piano in a variety of projects and she’s played piano at notable venues such as NAMM 2015 in LA, The Hard Rock Casino in Tahoe, and the Fox Theater in Redwood City.

In addition to her love of music and teaching, Diana loves working with kids of all ages. She enjoys figuring out how to best teach and encourage each individual student to shine in their own way. Students can expect to learn how to read music, sightread, understand music theory, learn a repertoire of different musical genres, memorize chord progressions to play in an ensemble, and figure out what direction to go in future musical endeavors.



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    1. Dear Steasi,
      we are so sorry for our late reply, we had issues with our webpage and just received your message.If you still interested to take lesson with us please note that unfortunately Nichole is booked but we do have many other piano teachers who are available to teach on weekdays and weekend . Our first lesson is free.If you have any questions please email us at tavanacademy@gmail.com
      Best Regards,
      Tavan Music Administration

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