Diana Rey
Piano/Vocal Instructor

Diana Rey has played piano since she was four, and her love of music has since expanded into bass guitar and vocals.  She’s been featured on keyboards/piano in a variety of projects and she’s played piano at notable venues such as NAMM 2015 in LA, The Hard Rock Casino in Tahoe, and the Fox Theater in Redwood City.

In addition to her love of music and teaching, Diana loves working with kids of all ages. She enjoys figuring out how to best teach and encourage each individual student to shine in their own way. Students can expect to learn how to read music, sightread, understand music theory, learn a repertoire of different musical genres, memorize chord progressions to play in an ensemble, and figure out what direction to go in future musical endeavors.

Maryam Jalali
Contemporary Western, Traditional and Contemporary Persian Vocal Instructormaryam

In a genre-defying music career that could be described as nothing less than spectacular, Maryam Jalali has established herself as one of the world’s most acclaimed Iranian vocalists. From an early age, she loved to sing and eventually got the opportunity to share the stage with Iranian legend, Farokhzad. From there, Maryam moved to the states where she established her career with universally acclaimed records “Shaghayegh,” “New Beginning” and “With Love.” Whether it’s singing her hit song,  “Nazokdel,” covering Daryoush’s “Beh Man Nagoo Dooset Daram” or singing a duet with Bijan Martazavi on the song “Faryad,” Maryam’s voice has always been loved by the audience and the industry.

She now lends her talents to Tavan Music Academy, where she will be offering vocal lessons for the first time.

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