Jennifer Ridout

Flute/Piano Instructor

Jennifer Ridout is a professional flutist and teacher, having received a B.M. in flute performance from San Jose State University with honors. While at San Jose State she was principal chair flute in the school’s top Wind Ensemble and Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Ridout’s senior recital was acclaimed by SJSU faculty as having been one of the best student recitals ever held at the school. She has received instruction from and performed in master classes from a number of today’s top flutists, including Catherine Payne, Keith Underwood, Jim Walker, Christina Jennings, Leone Buyse, Isabelle Chapuis and Robert Stallman.

Distinguished as a “natural performer,” Ms. Ridout has a great passion for music and performance, and enjoys passing along the art of performance and a thorough understanding of music  to her students. Her students show improvement very quickly, noted in their success in band  and orchestra programs. Ms. Ridout teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced students.

Dayv Doberne
Saxophone & Clarinet InstructorDayv-Fixed pic-01

Dayv Doberne is a Bay Area native who graduated from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in 2012 with a degree in Performance. At Oberlin, Dayv was a recipient of the Dean’s Talent Award scholarship and studied with professors Gary Bartz, Paul Cohen, Jim Umble, and Tim Ruedeman. While trained in a wide range of disciplines, Dayv is a huge fan of music from the Baroque Era and insists on performing compositions by J.S. Bach as often as possible.

Dayv believes that students learn most effectively when they are intrinsically motivated, and makes an effort to cultivate this motivation in his students. He is attuned to each of his students’ individual goals, and goes the extra mile to help his students achieve them.

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