Pricing & Policies

** Effective January 1st, 2017 the following is a list of new policies for Tavan Music Academy. **

1. All students are required to pay tuition for the academy before the first lesson of each month. Tuition will include 4 lessons, once a week. Any missed/cancelled lessons on the student’s behalf will need to be rescheduled within the same month. It is the responsibility of the student to reschedule. Any students who No-Show their lessons will not have the opportunity to reschedule and will be charged for that lesson. Make-up lessons are given when the instructor has availability on his/her schedule.( Tuition for your first lesson or a single lesson needs to be paid at the time it is scheduled. To reserve your lesson time each month, tuition must be paid in full one week prior to the first lesson of each month. If tuition is not received on time, your lesson spot will be assigned to another student.)

The pricing is as follows –

30 Min Lesson 45 Min Lesson 60 Min Lesson
$45/Lesson $60/Lesson $80/Lesson
$180/Month (4 weeks) $240/Month (4 weeks) $320/Month (4 weeks)

In the event that a month has 5 lessons as opposed to 4, the 5th lesson will be charged in addition to the prices listed above.

For those with multiple students, we have created a system that allows easy payment and implements our “multiple student discounts”. Please contact us to find out more about these discounted prices!

2. The Cancellation Policy – Lessons can be cancelled any time the BUSINESS DAY BEFORE a lesson is scheduled by phone or email. We strongly encourage you to set up your make-up lesson over the phone with our Academy Administrator at 408.692.4222 or through email at – Late cancellations will result in the inability to reschedule the lesson for a later time and will be charged the lesson’s amount. No-Shows (i.e. not showing up to a scheduled lesson) will have the same effect.

(There are no refunds, no credits and no make-ups if you miss your lesson or class.)

For a more detailed look at the Cancellation policy, please CLICK HERE.

3. Attendance Policy – Every calendar year, each student can cancel up to 4 lessons if one business day advanced notice is given. These 4 lessons can either be credited or rescheduled. Cancellations beyond the fourth lesson will be charged and no make-up lessons will be provided. This includes sick days.

Note: This policy does not apply to the Tavan Music Academy observed holidays: New Years Day (Dec 31st and Jan 1st), Memorial Day (May),
Independence Day (July 4th), Thanksgiving Day,
and Christmas Eve and Christmas (Dec 24th and 25th)

4. Payment – Tuition can be paid by cash or check, and needs to be collected before the first lesson day of each month. Payment can also be made by Credit Card with an additional processing fee of 3% charge.

5. Late Payment – There will be a $20 late charge for payment received after the 1st lesson of the month. If payment is not made by the next lesson, Tavan Music Academy reserves the right to withhold further classes until payment is made. Your student will risk losing their time slot.

6. Trial Lesson – The first lesson for any NEW student is $20.00.

7. Cancel Tuition – You may cancel tuition at Tavan Music Academy any time if you chose not to continue your student’s enrollment, however, we will need a written statement 30 days in advance. No credit will be given for remaining lessons in the month.

Membership Rate:

NEW to Tavan Music! This will allow you to continue taking lessons at the original pricing – however, we will not credit missed classes or cancellations. Instead, we will do our best to reschedule your class within the month, if possible (the same instructor not guaranteed). Membership will also include exclusive workshops, private concert performances and “master classes” to be scheduled in 2017 (more info later.)

  • Discounted Rate: Tavan Music Academy will offer these discounted rates for 4 lessons per month (5 in certain months with 5 weeks). These lessons cannot be cancelled, missed or credited. If you cannot make a lesson, arrangements must be made to schedule a lesson within the same month.
30 Min Lesson 45 Min Lesson 60 Min Lesson
$40/Lesson $55/Lesson $70/Lesson
$160/Month (4 weeks) $220/Month (4 weeks) $280/Month (4 weeks)
 Registration Fee: The registration fee, which will be a one time charge of $50, will allow us to help find the right instructor for your student and find the perfect time slot for the lesson. The registration fee will only apply to NEW students to the school. However, if you discontinue lessons, and re-register in the future, the registration fee will apply. 
• Hold My Spot!!!: Starting the summer of 2017, for those who wish to put their lessons on hold, we will be charging a monthly fee of $25. This will allow us to hold your day and time of the lesson so that when lessons resume in the Fall, everything will be as it was before you left! For those who wish to avoid this fee can do so at no obligation. To re-register in the fall, a registration fee of $50 will be applied.

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