“Tavan is an amazing, inspirational, exciting music academy. We have been going since they opened, even after moving from the area. Our kids would only go to Tavan, even if it means driving several miles to learn from their favorite instructors. The environment is SOOO Fun that kids want to learn… the whole team is simply amazing. Tavan is a GEM of Los Gatos, and any parent who want their kids to enjoy music should try out Tavan.”
– Yugan (Parent)

“We are extremely happy to have Amir as our Piano instructor. He is very passionate and dedicated  about his job. Our daughter loves going to Amir because he knows how to teach without being boring and keeps the kids entertained at the same time. Thank you Amir and keep up the good work.”
-Melody (Student and Parent of student, 1 year)

“I have been taking piano lessons from Amir for 6 months.   He is very talented and an excellent teacher. The cost and time is the very BEST use of my resources.   The studio is clean and well organized for every age student.  Highly recommend!”
-Kerry (Student, 1 year)

“My son is lucky to have Amir as his piano instructor.   He is able to connect with him and chat about sports and then shift to the piano instructor mode and make learning how to play fun and cool.   The school is a gem and I highly recommend it.”
– Gloryvee (Parent of student, 8 months)

“I’m writing this review as I am listening to my son practice a beautiful piece on the piano. I am amazed at how quickly he has learned and how much he enjoys his new-found talent. I attribute this to his piano teacher Amir. My boys, ages 8 & 9, started taking lessons four months ago. They immediately felt comfortable with Amir.  He is patient, connects well with children, and makes all aspects of learning fun. My boys have simply flourished with his enthusiasm and encouragement.  They are always looking forward to their lessons and I truly feel blessed we have Amir as a teacher.”
– Haleh (Parent of student, 1 year)

“The folks at Tavan Music academy are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. My 7 yr old has been learning to play the electric guitar for the past couple of months with Mike Keller. It has been a terrific experience for him thanks to the incredible patience, professionalism and encouragement from Mike. He looks forward to his lessons every week and is actually sad to leave when the time is up! This place rocks and I am so happy we found it!”
-Sunitha (Parent of student)

“I have been a student of Amir’s for almost seven years and he is an awesome teacher! He can teach kids of any age and what I really like is that he knows about what music is current and popular, and what music is old and classic, so he can teach you anything from Turkish March by Mozart to Rolling in the Deep by Adele. I always look forward to having lessons because they are fun and exciting, not drab and boring. If you are looking for the BEST PIANO TEACHER you are looking for Amir! Thanks for being awesome Amir!”
– Kiana (Student of 6 years)

“I have started noticing a big difference in my kids’ interests ever since Amir started teaching them over a year ago.  He is professional, friendly and knows how to motivate and connect with each child and understands their unique abilities.   I’ve recommended a number of friends who have also seen a difference in their child’s progress and are very happy that they switched!”
– Mandanna (Parent of 2 students, 2 years)

“My kids are so lucky to have Amir as their piano teacher. They enjoy their lessons with him and are learning so much. He is a fantastic teacher and our whole family thanks him.”
– Hedi (Parent of 2 students, 1 year)

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